About Us

Engineering Reproduction, Inc. A Family Tradition of Innovation

Engineering Reproduction, Inc. (ERI) brings 81 years of experience and four generations of leadership to their industrial reproduction clients.

A History of Innovation

ERI founders, Carl Stewart and Cecil Shuert, developed and patented reflex photography, a method whereby an image could be mechanically reflected from an original drawing to a glass negative and then photographically reproduced. Stewart and Shuert founded ERI, then a division of Service Engraving, a long time Detroit area photographic and printing corporation.

Stewart and Shuert's innovations were used extensively by the U.S. government and the automobile industry for over 25 years.

In the late 1960s, second-generation owners Peter and Paul Shuert continued the tradition of innovation as ERI then became a major supplier of then-new pinbar registration photographic reproductions to architects and engineers in the Detroit area.

A Commitment to Technology

After 30 years in the photographic era, ERI looked ahead to yet another shift in technology. In the late 1990s, ERI's third generation owners made the commitment to digital technology which has rapidly replaced traditional photographic products. ERI has continued to provide fast, high-quality and reliable digital service to our clients ever since.

Today, four generations after its 1943 founding, Engineering Reproduction, Inc. continues to supply the AEC community with innovative products, competitive prices and family-business style service. To find out how ERI can bring their family tradition of innovation to your projects, contact us at 313-366-3390 or email us at Detroit@Eng-Repro.com you can also contact Paul Cornish at Paulc@Eng-Repro.com.